I cheat, you cheat, she cheats…

I play by the rules in almost every aspect of my first and second lives, but for some reason I cheat at hunts. I just don’t have the patience to hunt hunt. If you’re new to SL, and feeling overwhelmed by the number of hunt gifts to find, or if you’re an old hand tempted to join the dark side, you should try out these cheats. One is changing your view to Wire Frame (control shift R on a Mac), which eliminates the distraction of objects and textures. If you are searching for something very small and pale in colour, wire frame view won’t help you, but if it’s a generous size red box, you should be able to spot it quickly by camming around in wire frame. It’s especially helpful now that mesh objects seen in a non-mesh viewer swell to engulf hunt objects placed next to them. In the Phoenix viewer, you can derender pesky objects by clicking on the object to get the pie, and clicking “more,” “more” and “derender.”

I swear by the Area Search in Phoenix. It takes a while to find the right term to search. These are the most common: the word “hunt,” the acronym for the hunt (e.g. CH2, WLA), the store’s number in the hunt list, and other associated terms (like the name of the shark we were hunting in the summer Season’s Hunt). The Twisted Hunt organizers try to discourage people like me by putting a hundred boxes with the same name, and same appearance in wire frame view, in a single store. But that strategy has not caught on, much. (I’m looking at you Willow!) If you ever see anything on my blog that you can’t find, feel free to IM me. Another person’s help is the best cheat of all, as the bible says. Sadly, the latest news from the Phoenix team is that the new mesh-enabled release is a frankenviewer, isn’t stable and will not be supported. (Fanks!) I will try to update this post with reference to Firestorm. If it doesn’t crash on opening.

At least arm yourself with the With Love Again Hunt hints if you’re determined to not cheat. I do realize that hunts help store-owners with traffic, but I would much rather find the object first and then become a traffic stat by looking at the wares. A frustrating five or ten minutes of searching distracts me from the amazing creations that I could otherwise be discovering.

Credits to creators
[Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Latte – Winter Edge (current Collabor88 item)
Cheap Makeup- Parisian Eyebrows dark brown
free*style, even longer slutty lashes (not available)
Clawtooth: True Betty – Uptown brown (I wear an alpha with this: .: vive9 :. Lash & Head Hide Alpha)
{Meghindo’s} ~ Vintage pink satin rosette bracelet and earrings (came with an outfit)
The Warpaint poses are from free*style. The location is Y&R.
These pics were GIMPED, but not the closeup. Cause I’m honest that way.


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