No no no

No no no no no I say to all the holiday fuss. And then I suddenly want to see Portia wearing a Christmas tree on her head. This is partly because the tree, made out of a stack of tied pillows that coordinates with a kilim, is a thing of wit and beauty, as one would expect from Y’s House. Best of all, it’s a gift.

Portia’s diaphanous skirt and fur collar are also gifts from Pesca. Her R.A.Crystal necklace of white and grey pearls is half price at the Komorebi Christmas market. Her fur is part of Lethal Couture’s line of edgy clubwear. It’s available at Fashionably Late this week.

I don’t know how I missed Vive9’s Charlie hairdo, which is simultaneously gormless and chic. Let’s face it, I don’t want Portia looking like someone who belongs at one of those Xmas parties you see on TV. Not until I find a tree-hat that works with an upper-middle-class glamour gown.

I hit Pesca’s irresistible new gacha of fur collars with cameo clasps. I like that all the collars are equally nice so that one does not have to keep trying to get the bestest. Please enjoy this blurry photo as a memorial to a recent traumatic experience: needing reading glasses for the first time. Talk about no no no. Damn publishers printing blurry books….

Credits to creators
LC, minx fur vest [comes with toggles] (Fashionably Late item)
Leverocci – Knox Wedges_Icy Silver (WLAH item, 10L, and MESH ALERT MESH)
:pesca:2011 Christmas gift veil skirt(wear!) (gg in store)
:pesca:christmas hunt 2 fur and ribbon collar (CH2 gift)
:pesca:cameo fur collar/11(wear) (gacha)
:pesca:cameo fur collar/4(wear) (gacha)
:pesca:cameo fur collar/9(wear) (gacha)
R.A.Crystal, Shallon gray pearls
[Atomic] Grace – Mistletoe (With Love Hunt 2011) (WLAH item, 10L)
La Malvada Mujer – Kiki #1 [only eyes]
.: vive9 :. Charlie in Edge Rooted (group colours pack)
*COCO*_BowShirt(White) (still 75% off)
Y’s House Christmas Kilim and Y’s House Christmas Kilim Group Gift wear me (mimi)
The poses are from the array of Paper Couture poses by PDA.
Yes, I GIMPed. Wouldn’t you?


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