Naughty and nice in knits

I never thought I’d make this claim, but today I aim to show that Sticky Fingers dresses are not just for naughty girls. If you pick up SF’s Cable knit sweater dress in black (a hunt gift), pair it with Loan Jogiches’ hot new Caligo boots for Crazy Clothes, and add a ghetto-fabulous Eshi Otawara fur, you can carry a cute Santa bag by Tou Fromc and still make your boyfriend’s family despair.

If you pick up SF’s Cable knit sweater dress in salmon (from Perfect Wardrobe), and add a luxe leather jacket in buttery beige from Aoharu, no potential employer will even notice the hella urban neon foxtail on Vive9’s fringed Evonne bag. (It probably wouldn’t hurt to wear the pretty striped piggies socks, a STAH gift from Sweet Leonard.)

It’s all in the pose, eh? Portia couldn’t have looked this naughty without the gangsta poses in the Urbz pack, a favourite of mine from Juxtapose. Unfortunately, the uniquely awesome hair is not available, and that makes me want to wear it every day and drive you all crazy with envy. (It’s so much easier for me to be the virtual naughty girl. I wonder what that means.)

Miss Nice was feeling a little too safe, so I cheated a bit with odd poses from hot blogger Sophielle for her shop Es’cusi. They are a gift under the tree at Rue D’Antibes’ Winter Market. I wanted this beautifully salmony dress verrry badly, but it was beyond my price range, so I was thrilled to see it discounted at Perfect Wardrobe. There’s also a red version for all you Christmas nuts.

Mz. Naughty wears
Crazy, Caligo Boots (NEW)
:STICKY FINGERS: My Black Cable knit sweater dress (Where is hunt gift)
Eshi Otwara, Urban Fuzz Jacket
[PF] Alyx – WLH – Naughty (WLAH item, 10L)
Nuuna for HoD, Mezzanine Makeup (part of Mezzanine piercing)
Dernier Cri, Maddy Stumblebum (store no longer exists)
HoD, Omega Nose Gauge Razor (AVRC Hunt gift)
Tou fromc, santa handbag LB right hand (LB at Komorebi Xmas market)
Happy Finds, Mary Dagger Necklace (gg, not available)
HOD, Fallen Necklace
Juxtapose, Urbz pack

Miss Nice wears
:STICKY FINGERS: My salmon cable knit sweater dress (Perfect Wardrobe)
[PF] Alyx – WLH – Nice (WLAH item, 10L)
– Nemesis – Wonder tights white 2
AOHARU_NoCollarLeatherJK_Beige [I know there are new Aoharu items. And I know I can’t afford them. And I know you feel my pain]
[LeLutka]-MARIE hair – StrawberryShortcake
.: vive9 :. Evonne Fringed Bag in B.Orange w/ Foxtail (neons) (WLAH item, 10L)
+:+WTG+:+ **Soul** necklace and earrings (WLAH item, 10L)
::SWEET LEONARD:: Home Socks*Piggy* (stripes) (STAH item)
ae.meth, ae nails – shell
Es’cusi, My Gfted Poses (Rue d’Antibes winter market gift)


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