Everything you need

I don’t know what more you could ask for today. The Okul Set, an irresistibly cute black jacket and belted skirt outfit is new from Vero Modero. I especially like the cartoony bib with its big buttons. On a taller av, this jacket delivers a flash of flesh where the front parts just enough to make it look as though a slight breeze is ablowing. The outfit comes complete with no-heel platform shoes in black, but I couldn’t resist the Escarpa shoes from LWL for the WLA hunt. These can be worn with a little lift or a big lift to make them very very tall and scary.

Check out this doll display pose prop by MiuMin. I picked it up at the Kimono Festival for 100L. The door, which opens, is detachable, and there are about eight stands and sits. I would love it if one of you readers could tell me what the sign says. I’m betting it doesn’t read: “Trapped again!” (Cause that would be a downer.)

Mother Goose’s Lima shape and skin pack offers you a sweet face and a sensuous pair of lips, with a variety of restrained lipsticks and colourful eyeliner tats. The raggedy appeal of Wasabi Pills’ Clementine bob makes all the difference between a porcelain doll and one made out of stronger stuff. (Ain’t ya glad I resisted going ginger for once?)

If you’re going to expire on the job—like one of Izima Kaoru’s glamorous layabouts—do not, I repeat, do not lose hold of your new Fleshtone bag, the perfect Huntington. This is the kind of bag that women kill for.

Credits to creators
Vero Modero, Okul Set (NEW! ty to the team at Vero Modero!)
Mother Goose’s, Lima shape and Lima 2 skin with eyeline red (NEW)
Wasabi Pills, Clementine Hair Night shadow (NEW; ty Miss Lemon!)
Fleshtone, The Huntington Bag Red (NEW; ty Gisele and StevenZ.!)
LWL, Escarpa Boot (WLAH item, 10L)
Ragdoll’s Cut, Holly Necklace (CH2 item)
Izzie’s, Garter Socks white
Awram Vie, *W* Stocking dots seethrow (not available)
MiuMin, MiuMin Wa-DollBox PoseStand (available at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kyoto%20Sanjo/174/84/22)


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