I’m just waiting on a friend

I was all ready to take a fun day off, go to the museum, have a quick coffee at the people-watchingest Starbucks in town, buy a new suitcase because five years with a semi-broken zipper is enough. But it turned out to be that day, the one before I get my period, when I end up sleeping all day or suffering from a migraine or feeling absolutely fine. Depending, I guess, on whether I had too much salt on day 16 of my cycle. I was barely able to send Portia to pose in the Bikes & Spikes apartment decorated by Journey Lorakeet for Four Corners, which kicks off tomorrow, December 17th, and runs till the 31st. Along with Bikes & Spikes, the event will feature creations embodying three other themes: Alluring Modesty, Delightfully Bright and Delicate Damsel. Imma wear all four trends in one outfit. Cause you need something ill-conceived to point at.

I checked out the sale on fall items at Chantkare, but the season has me craving red. So I trotted off in search of this paisley gown, which I remembered from the Basics collection. It satisfied my need without making Portia look like Santa. I recovered enough yesterday to go out and eat one of those “healthy” salads, the kind laden with bacon bits, blue cheese and chicken. But I wasn’t well enough to check out the sale on the sale items at Anthropologie. Portia is looking less faded here to symbolize my recovery, which didn’t, in her case, extend to essential plucking. I myself was too tired to do any essential squeezing, if you know what I mean. Thanks PMS for all the ugh and ugly that you bring to my life.

Credits to creators
ZEUS Renewal open Gift(5hair&4hat Color) (colour change!)
LaGyo_Ewa ram neklace bronze
Mon Tissu, Provence Riding Boots Chestnut

A fu*king wreck
Plastik, Aleria Seashell Stained
LiLau, Noel pack (opening gift)

The picture of health
al vulo-frida* passion tan (recent gg)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Freckles01_Lighter (came with skin)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Send me an Angel – Bracelets (advent gift, I don’t think it’s been set out yet; ty Plurabelle Laszlo!)
Glitterati, Beauty 1 pack


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