It’s so easy to be modern

It’s time once again to put on your grownup AO and visit The Gallery Gift Shop at its new location. There you can contemplate art and fashion at your leisure, or just haul off and buy the stuff to enjoy in the comfort of your own skybox. (Wearing whichever leap-dancing square-frogging AO you prefer.) Prices for the artworks range from 0L for this lovely floral photo by Nedeko Kohime to 2,500L for a biennial-worthy, don’t-spare-the-elephants showstopper by Patron. This delicious frock by World’s End Garden has a sexy vintage feel, which I accentuated with free vintage stockings from C&D Benelli. (Believe me, I considered trying to straighten that seam and then decided that it would be crooked in any life.) The skirt of the Etoile gown sparkles without disappearing in glow, and the deep-cut bodice is edged in lace.

I love LePetale shapes, and this irresistible garçonne hairdo by Dura looks fabulous on Kristy Kringle, LePetale’s WLAH item. (There was a male skin in the pack, but I delete anything Y-chromosomal. Gender is the one thing I don’t play with.) Through December 18th, AMD is offering new makeups for your favourite skins at 99L each. Ms. Kringle is wearing Nitro 1 in pale for Kat. The juxtaposition of this gown and Giacometti-style sculpture reminds me of Funny Face, a 1950s MGM musical, and one of the best films ever made about fashion. Early on in the movie, the photographer, played by Fred Astaire, isn’t getting the shot he wants because his model, who relaxes by reading a comicbook called “Minute Men from Mars,” is unable to relate to a modernist sculpture by Itsabuchi. She can’t even say Itsabuchi. Itsa charming. Especially because the model is none other than Avedon darling Dovima.

Credits to creators
:::WEG:::, Etoile [comes with black pearl necklace not shown] (at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Lucia Genesis!)
*Dura-Girl*, 27(Black) (NEW)
(AMD), Kat – Pale – Nitro 1 (NEW makeup, just 99l until the 18th of December; ty Apple May!)
– DAMNED, BlackSnowy I (AD&DW hunt item)
LePetale, Kristy Kringle-1.80cm (WLAH item, 10L)
NX-Nardcotix, Iceli Full Spiked Stiletto Tempered
C & D Benelli, Black Deco Stockings (gift in store)
(5th&Oxford), Leather Gloves – M *black*
+mocha+, Crows Innocence [Choker] (not available)
U&R Dogs, Xerxes Necklace Black (old hunt gift)
Draconic Kiss, Skulls n Ribbons Wrap (not available)
Anais Gaia, :black diamond earrings (not available)
PDA, [I done forgot to write it down]
Olive Juice, Bad Reputation3 (NEW at Four Corners, which is now open)
The location is TGGS. And lo there was GIMPage.


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