Kvetching on the dock of the Bay

Hot new hair from Wasabi Pills. Cool boots from Gos. And, anchoring the whole look, a sailor dress by u.f.o., from the Alluring Modesty corner of Four Corners. Available in WP’s usual rainbow range of colours, and featuring a very loose third ponytail at the back, Cherry is perfect for roleplay, street style or kawaii looks. Never mind that my mesh viewer from Phoenix doesn’t want to render it. It’s really quite a picky little viewer, rejecting Pumpkin’s fox-tail hood, but accepting Kik’s ginger bob. Shoes are the one thing that mesh Phoenix can’t get enough of. That said, when I asked it to put a demo of a pair of G Field boots on my av’s feet, it first spat a miniature version onto the grass. This was almost as astonishing as the time, long ago, when it punched holes in my av’s chest, right where the opposite of holes should have been. Phoenix, get your meshit together, please. (Btw, I’m using a MacBook Pro, which seems to be the equivalent of the Titanic when it comes to current bugs. Glug glug glug.)

Portia’s boots are an advent gift from KittyCats, and still available, alongside all the other gifts, from the big calendar at the store. They change colour, offering red and blue tartans or gold and silver leather, with other bits of the boot also customizable. I have to say that, with Phoenix in mesh arrest, using Viewer 3 to take pictures, which requires at least two clicks to snap a photo, if not three, was an ordeal. I can’t explain exactly what goes on in this process, but it makes using the refresh button a fundamental part of the process instead of an occasional necessity. As a result of this boneheaded inversion of the rule, I took the same photo eight times, instead of getting eight shots under different Windlight settings. Viewer 3…really? I mean, really?!

Don’t forget to check out Twisted Krissmuss offerings at stores across the grid. Portia’s Sinterklass necklace is only 100L at Bliensen + MaiTai, where you can pick up advent gifts every other day, alternating with La Flat next door. I think B+T set out on even-numbered days, but I wouldn’t bet Santa’s milk and cookies on it. Finally, I have nothing to complain about when it comes to the successful shutdown on December 12th of Oakland’s port, where George Lucas first saw the giant cranes that inspired the evil empire’s imperial walkers. Longshoremen went home with a day’s pay and the police didn’t attack.

Credits to creators
Wasabi Pills, Cherry Mesh Hair Deep Ocean and Wild honey (NEW; ty MissAllSunday Lemon!)
u.f.o, sailor reira dress navy (NEW at Four Corners; although I’ve provided a link because I am an official blogger for the event, the u.f.o dress is not a promotional item)
GOS, Slouch Boots Festive Four Pack (advent gift at KittyCats)
fd, Strange Floral Tights Sour
Bliensen + Maitai, Twisted Krismuss Sinterklass Choker (ty Plurabelle Laszlo!)
Bliensen + Maitai, Feliz Navidad necklace (advent gift, no longer available; ty Plurabelle Laszlo!)
Mother Goose’s, Bomi 1L (dollarbie skin)
free*style, Even longer slutty lashes (not available)
Squeek!, Braces [only visible when your av smiles, so there’s a timed smile-inducer included]
Leo-NT, Squirrel Coffee (VIP gg, fee to join)
poses are by:
ABS, Coffee Lover pack [includes coffee cup not shown here] (Tropicalia Bazaar item)
Marukin, Muji pack (Collabor88 item)
location: outside Gawk
GIMPage minimal

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