Colour, pwned

It was just a couple of weeks ago when I tried to put together a multi-colouful outfit and was fresh out of mojo. I couldn’t stop myself from toning down a vibrant orange-and-blue blouse with grey pants and then trying to make up for it with a patterned bag. I was convinced that I am colour-deaf or just plain colour-dead inside. This week, however, I made a couple of trips to the ok rainbow corral at Four Corners and found myself tossing colours on my av like I was a gifted child with a giant box of Crayolas all to myself.

The Tee*fy blouse is terrific. I love it when Azure Electricteeth does her modern/geometric designs.

Credits to creators
Tee*fy, Color Block Shirt Yellow/Peach (at Four Corners)
Tee*fy, Half sheer leggings teal
Aoharu, part of Dot Chiffon Shirt&Skirt, layering tee
Milk Motion, My Loafers Green (recent 50L Friday item)
Shag, Stella was a Diver Scarlet
Glam Affair, Linn Snow White (group Xmas gift, 30L to join, may not still be available)
Bliensen + Maitai, Turquoise Earrings (DIMH gift)
Label Motion, Noel pack (at TDR)
So I GIMPed. So sue me.


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