We are all Rudolph

Is it wrong to wear fur in SL? Is it wrong to carry guns? Or to ooze blood from half your SLorifices while extruding rusty nails from the rest? Is it wrong for SL Rudolph to kill SL Rudolph? My answer to all of these questions is no. And the pixel fur issue is not different from the Rudolph-on-Rudolph murder issue, though it may involve fewer parallel universes. I don’t wear fur in RL, and my chosen career means that I never will. I doubt that many of the people who play SL will ever buy real, as opposed to fake, fur. This game is fantasy, and it is harmless in the sense that no RL animals are killed for pixel fur. Consider just how fantastic my SL fashion life is. Here’s a list of the things I wear in SL that I don’t wear in RL: good leather/suede anything, designer anything, high heels, short skirts, gowns, crowns or fascinators, jewellery of any kind, makeup other than lipstick, piercings, tattoos, blood, rusty nails, weapons of any kind, latex, fur, feathers, snakeskin, croc skin, ostrich skin, antlers, horns, tails, hooves. I was going to add all the manmade fibers that I have to avoid because they make me sweat uncontrollably, but time is of the essence if Rudolph is going to kill Rudolph. I admit to walking around with a gingerbread man hanging out of my mouth, but only at home, and only in Toronto, because fookin Chicago is not a gingerb. city.

This adorable wool sweater and boots combo is free from Yomeshoujo, where there are also three LBs and a gold cocktail dress gift for group members. Join fee is 1L, I believe. Add to the list of RL no nos: representations of deer, Xmas-themed clothing, candies that will just get sticky in the snow.

I also don’t wear backpacks in RL. And even though this gift from Severed Garden is perfect, I am not at all tempted to cross over to the dark side. Not when it comes to carrying RL stuff around, that is. /me laughs evilly

Credits to creators
xxYOMESHOUJOxx, *Xmas-Sweater and Boots (NEW freebie)
(Milk Motion), My leather shorts blue (50L Fri item)
Tee*fy, Half-sheer Leggings Teal (50L Fri item)
.:.*{ S.G }*.:., XMAS Backpack (subo GIFT)
:Fiction and Chaos, Grandpa’s Revenge (AVRC hunt gift)
(fd), Bird Skin – Winter 3 (Brown Brows) (Collabor88 item)
[creator unknown, perhaps Poena?], Nosebleed with tears
Violent Chemicals, Gingerbread (5L I think)
Addiction Jewelry, Diamond Snowflake Cocktail Ring (NEW; ty Atiya Masala!)
[Lo*momo], petitpasGift_reindeer_nose (gift at Petit Pas Ville main square, join group for free)
dfo!, gone huntin’ 001 (old Season’s Hunt gift)


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