Who’s that lady?

For this post I dragged Portia all over SL and shot pretty pics at random. If I stitched them all together in a commercial, you’d never notice that it’s winter in one pic and autumn in another. That’s the magic of creative geography and fast-paced editing. Today Portia wears the voluminous “notice-me” Muge pants in a tribal pattern fabric from Vero Modero. These can double as leggings if you strip off the belt and pant prims. This particular pair is sold in a set with a tight-fitting deep-V-neck cyan top, but I wanted to see more volume and colour, so I used a turtleneck just released by fri.day and the green WLAH fur from Tulip.

See how playful she is? Just like a Cover Girl. You’d never know that she killed zombies to get that 1mm purse. If you want it, you have until the 26th, or the 26th Japan time, which could be yesterday. Portia hopped on this bike outside the new discount event D’rezzed Up.

If you plonk down 100L at the Philippines Disaster Assistance Charity Event, you can get a pack of Insufferable Dastard’s pale-coloured prim eyes with really weird-looking reflections of windows. Portia’s hat is available in the colourful colour section of Four Corners. All hats come two to a pack for 250L, a very good deal. On 55L Thursday—an event that no one covers—Purple Moon often puts out jewellery or clothing sets. I humbly suggest that you sign up for the PM subscribo to get the notices.

Credits to creators
Vero Modero Muge Long Pant Floral (ty to the Vero Modero team!)
.ID. Secret Window Eyes – Hazel (Philippines Disaster Assistance Charity Event; event runs till the 26th)
fri. – Basic.Turtleneck – Salmon
tulip. Black Sheep (Sage) (WLAH item, 10L)
-Glam Affair- Layla Light – tropicana (TDR item)
*Dura-Girl*27(Black) [love love love love this hair love love love…]
LaGyo_Eared bowler green (Four Corners item)
!1mm 3way classic bag boston red (Zombie Xmas gift: see rules for details; you can’t control what gifts you get, so don’t suit up if you only want this bag)
Redgrave, Moscow Boots Brown
:: PM :: Majestic Earrings in Old Bronze/Teal/Cherry
The Sea Hole – Golden Lucite Bangles – Plum (former Collabor88 item)
poses 1 and 3: ABS, Coffee Lover Poses

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