Christmas slaying

Believe me, I am the last person who wants to hold onto Christmas—even if I am rather sorry that I didn’t photo any decorated trees or dress my av to look like one—but I cannot not post this necklace by Love Soul. Even if you, dear reader, can’t have it, and this pic will only break your heart. You see…

…I f*cking killed 2 fu*king hundred fuck*ng zombie fuc*s to get this fetch*ng necklace. Don’t let this pic fool you. There were no heroics and no guns. Just Portia waddling around without her AO, whacking the undead over the head with a pillow that wasn’t even king size. Getting killed over and over again because she’s as slow and clumsy as I am. And watching while the sexy avs with functioning AOs and big guns flew ‘n’ slew zombies by the dozens. The brain-eaters are gone, the prize vendors (supposedly) retired. But if you check my inventory, you’ll discover that I haven’t trashed the ginormous Level 5 gun I never got to use. I made it to Level 4 with the pillow, and then I decided that hand-killing zombies is like making a toaster from scratch: something one should stop doing. Now. (I did enjoy the wee gift-bearing reindeer that popped out of dead zombies, so tyvm to the organizers for coming up with that delightful idea.)

A discounted version of Maai’s mesh Roxy corset in luscious red is currently available at the Tropicalia Bazaar II. I’ve had my eye on these corsets for a while because they give one’s av an outrageously wasped waist. I really enjoyed slidering Portia’s breasts into the welcoming cups. I was, however, lazy about adjusting my girl’s saddlebags, so I had mesh-cracks that I had to GIMP in. But anyone not laid low by Christmas treats should be able to lift one finger and get a perfect fit. The corset comes with black panties and a fringe of black lace for the bottom edge.

Credits to creators
*JeSyLiLO*::XmasGift2011::*PALE*BT (group gift; ty Lilo Glom!) [NB this skin has teeth I had to GIMP out because of bad camera angles]
ANEXX_VolumeSocksAnkleBootee_Red (awesome Xmas gg—which is actually an open gift—also containing a fur stole and one other pair of red boots)
Maai, ” Roxy ” corset, red (Tropicalia Bazaar 2) [MESH ALERT MESH]
[LeLutka]-AWE hair – IrishRed (subo gift)
*TuttiFrutti* Black Poison Low Jeans (ty Bela Tolsen!)
[LOVE SOUL] Necklace*Christmas Bear* (you can’t have this unless you got a ticket from a mushed-zombie-deer-a-ma-gig)
(amper), aquamarine slur : eyes (not available)
Olive Juice, Gamer Con pack; and Olive Juice, Bad Reputation 10 (at Four Corners)
Shot at the Love Soul sim and GIMPed with pride.

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