Melancholy in mums

Many Second Life photographers make beautiful images of melancholy. Arivae is one of my favourites. I don’t have the impulse to symbolize melancholy, but the feeling seeps into my photos, seeps out of me and into my photos, I should say. This beautiful kimono set by MiuMin, for instance, got lost in some deep shadows on the Looking Glass sim. Would you consider buying this ensemble for your own av and taking her photo in a gloriously sunlit flower garden? That might correct the balance of the emotional SLuniverse.

MiuMin’s kimono can be worn in the fishtail style you see here or with a normal skirt. The flower headpiece and purse are part of the set. The shoes (not shown) are done up in the brightly coloured chrysanthemum fabric featured in the long sash. This set  is for sale at The Gallery Gift Shop, so you have the option of buying it with copy privileges or with a transfer copy that you can give to a friend.

I know it’s a flaw, technically, but I kinda like it when Portia’s eyes disappear up under her lids, making her look cuh-reepy.

Credits to creators
MiuMin, itogiku03 (TGGS item until January 14; ty Miu!)
Action Hair, Marianne Coal (December gg; fee to join)
fd, Bird Skin Winter 03 (Collabor88 item until January 7)
Glow Studio, Rhapsody Eyelashes / Glow Special
tapoe, Kimono Doll Pose Set (dollarbie on Marketplace)
shot at The Looking Glass
GIMPage light

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