Repackage (sex) your interest

One look at this photo should tell you how badly I wanted to make up for the gloom of my last post. Blonde hair in pigtails (brand new from Wasabi Pills), healthy face from Curio’s Angel line (a group gift), bright pink flowered kimono (a rare gacha item from Ribbon and Zeus), and, just in case I wasn’t quite conveying that feeling of carefree innocence, a stuffed patchwork cat (free from Ragdoll’s Cut). But nothing, no nothing, could prevent me from ruining that feeling with another round of complaints when I discovered this sinister image of (I’m sorry) SEX at GOK’s mainstore. It reminded me, you see, that I ran home in tears last night because I saw the boy I like with a blonde girl. I’m embarrassingly too old for him. I am overweight and homely, a confirmed spinster, and I seem to terrify the men I try to flirt with on account of the intensity of my everything. He’s been polite, and even smiled charmingly, the times I’ve spoken to him. But he is so laconic that I can’t tell if he speaks fluent English. (And fluent English, well, that’s like Spanish fly to me.) He could be a veritable poet who is simply holding back so that I will go away.

But goldarnit, the very first time I saw him at Starbucks, of all places, I stopped and stared, and I never do that. I find 99% of men unbearably ordinary looking—and that includes the gorgeous ones who are gorgeous in a typical way—so I was thrilled to discover that one of these XY creatures is assembled differently. (He actually appeared to be lit from within but, truth be told, it was August, and he was sitting in a window, under a lamp, with a flashlight as backup.) Before I knew it—by which I mean three weeks later, when I saw him at the same cafe and decided it was fate—I was attempting to exchange words with this creature, emboldened because I was leaving my hometown for my current home that afternoon, so no harm could come of it. I’m still wrestling with that no harm. And now there’s a blonde. At our cafe! I don’t know whether to weep until I leave town again on Monday or go on an abstinence march. I do know that I don’t have the stomach for my local Starbucks. I hope I survive the caffeine withdrawal. Sniff.

Credits to creators
Wasabi Pills, Amandine Mesh Hair Golden (with colour change ribbons; ty Miss Lemon!) [NB, It turns out that the mesh-capable Phoenix viewer cannot render mesh hair if the “custom” button and the “hardware skinning” button are not checked on the graphics preferences menu. To make this possible, you need to choose the “mid” level setting or higher]
ZEUS&RibboN, New year Gacha KIMONO (30L hair-ribbon gacha at Zeus’ new mainstore: the kimono is “rare” but I got it on my second play, so…)
Curio, Petal [Dark] Angel-Happy Holidays! 2011 (gg)
Ragdoll’s Cut, Free Patchwork Kitten
Addiction Jewelry, Diamond Snowflake Cocktail Ring v2 (NEW; ty Atiya Masala!)
poses by BRB and Yomeshoujo



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