Say it isn’t so!

The city is blanketed in a thick, damp fog, the heat’s out in my building, and my out-of-town friends want to eat vegetarian Ethiopian food in a hole-in-the-wall at the far end of the slowest streetcar line in town. Still, the worst news of all is the end of Fifty Linden Friday. Portia would never have worn check fabrics without this event. I’d never have become a blogger. Heck, if it wasn’t for the wonderful participating designers, I’d probably still be haunting sex sims in “diamond-studded” shoes and hair that looks like spaghetti. There are plenty of goodies on offer to celebrate today’s farewell event: Portia wears Maitreya’s brand-new mesh booties and a new version of House of Fox’s Roman bag. Her despairing pose is one from a pack of uber-dejected poses by Olive Juice.


Credits to creators
{Meghindo’s} ~ Rhyna ~ Golden Brocade Jumpsuit (Xmas gg in notices, comes with two stoles; 500L fee to join; may be gone)
+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Fem Doomsday choker (Xmas gift under tree in back of The Looking Glass; still available as of December 30)
[PF] Elly – Tears (ltbrow/freck) (at Mabinogion, which is at Adore&Abhor)
Maitreya Alexa Wedges * Terra Cotta (FLF item) {MESH alert MESH}
HouseofFox :: TheRoman2.0 (FLF item)
ISON – belted fur vest (caramel)
[LeLutka]-MOSS hair – Sookie
[MANDALA]TAKARA bangle/Rich Gold
(r)M ~ Gold Rings (really cheap on Marketplace)
Olive Juice, Dramatic Goodbye to FLF pack (FLF item)

The first pic was shot at Fear Us. Both were GIMPed gently into shape.


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