Girl of the new year

I was disappointed by the Lisbeth Salander character in the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I was particularly disturbed by the portrayal of Lisbeth’s apparent deference to Blomqvist, which, in a hilariously awful moment that ruined the climax, results in her asking his permission to kill the baddie. (He gives it. Probably because he’s more Daniel Craig than he is Mikael Blomqvist.) In the Swedish version of the film, Blomqvist tells Lisbeth that he could never have done what she did—consign the baddie to his fiery fate. But he doesn’t demonize her for it. This moment underscores the key difference between his response to Lisbeth and the responses of the other men in the films, who patronize her or call her a sociopath. That difference is lost in the American handling of the baddie’s death. Reviewing the Swedish trilogy over the holidays, I was impressed (again) by Noomi Rapace’s Lisbeth. With HoD’s Lisbeth piercing as my anchor, I turned Portia into a more fashionable version of Rapace’s androgynous punk.

I noticed that Lisbeth wears a tight bodysuit for her court appearance in the last film, so I found Portia a cool unitard at Paperbag. It has un-Lisbeth-like cutouts in front and back, and it terminates in a nicely puffy ankle prim. The claw-festooned collar by HoD comes in a pack of four different mix-and-matchable versions, all resizable. One of the keys to Lisbeth’s impact in the films is the contrast between her appearance and the lightness of the Stockholm cityscape and Swedish countryside. Alas, I couldn’t find a sim that looked like Stockholm, so my av ended up in a devastated landscape that more nearly reflects the actual world Lisbeth inhabits, which is peopled by predatory males who use institutional power to abuse her.

This sleek wool and leather dress from Paperbag might be a thirty-something wardrobe choice for Lisbeth, who will want to look a little less grungy when she’s running her own security company. The Monaco boots by Crazy are colour-change, offering muted black, green, red and blue choices for only 275L.

2012 is the year of the dragon, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding your very own scary tattoo. This one by Seven of Himeji is free on Marketplace. If you want to do Lisbeth right, do not give her the decorative tattoos that Rooney Mara wears in the American film. They are erotic teases, not displays of fierceness.

Credits to creators
Look one
PaperBag. Meow Crop
PaperBag. Tri-Cut Uni Grey
R.icielli – HERA leatherjacket /totalblackpython [modded: I didn’t use the sleeves]
99 Elephants Hair -Krima -b1
-Glam Affair – GiO skin Black Snow (former TDR item)
– .HoD. – Lisbeth – Silver Lining
– .HoD. – Draconic Claw Collar v3
Violent Seduction – BDSM Collar (group gift)
– .HoD. – Fallen – Womens Fit
[Acide!] Chained
+ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*EARRINGS (old Hunting9 item)
Legit, Leather Bracelets: Rings (UPDATE: they are available)
Poetic Colors, classic – molten chocolate (m) bright
pose by La Malvada Mujer, 0116 fatpack

Look two
PaperBag. Leather & Wool Dress (Grey)
PaperBag. Lace Tights (gift)
*Crazy* Monaco Boots
booN, MKT012 hair blueblack
booN, gathered raised hairbase blueblack
-Glam Affair – GiO skin Black Snow (former TDR item)
– .HoD. – Lisbeth – Silver Lining
– .HoD. – Draconic Claw Collar v2 and v4
+ROZOREGALIA+*Gemma*EARRINGS (old Hunting9 item)
Legit, Leather Bracelet: Rings (UPDATE: they are available)
Poetic Colors, classic – molten chocolate (m) bright
pose by !bang
location S.I.C.

Look three
Seven of Himeji, Big Dragon Friend (free on Marketplace)
– .HoD. – Draconic Claw Collar v2
PaperBag. Tri-Cut Uni Grey
pose by !bang

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