More prettier (if that’s possible)

Portia’s lovely Dreaming Klimt necklace is new from Bliensen + MaiTai at FTLO’s Black Market. Lene is a gorgeous new LB skin from Mother Goose’s. There are four versions to win. Join the group and get the notice with LMs to each of the shops. (I have to say that Milok Hermit’s skins make sense of Portia’s weird face in a way that few others do. For that I am truly grateful.) The new group gift hair from Red Mint is not a realistic colour, but it’s soft and flattering, not electric blue and terrifying like a lot of fantasy styles. It’s available until January 17th at the store.

Credits to creators
Bliensen + MaiTai, Dreaming Klimt Necklace (Black Market item for January; ty Plurabelle Laszlo!)
(r)M, Hair No.18(f) gg 01’12 (gg in shop)
Mother Goose’s, Lene1(LB)Main shop (main shop LB)
Mother Goose’s, Pointed Lashes 1 (LB)
Poetic Colors, classic – molten chocolate (m) bright
u.f.o, always belong to you coral (Collabor88 till the 7th of January)
Glitterati, Headshot 3
This is an unGIMPed face! The neck, however, needed work because of the lighting and pose.

What do you think?

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