Who’s the fox in this henhouse?

Bite me. No, eat me. Some of you eat me. The rest of you bite me.

Never forget what the First Evil said when he took on the guise of Buffy: “It’s not about right, not about wrong. It’s about power.”

This was going to be an ordinary post but then I discovered via Rusalka Callisto’s post on This Second Life that a host of models, most of them women, are going to lose a portion of their livelihood because they SLimulated SLex in SLadvertisements, which were published on Allalure Blogspot. What’s wrong with this picture?

If any of you want to SLimulate with Portia, I’ve got the rare Iruco gacha surgical masks we need to make everything perfectly sterile. Be afroused, be very afroused.

Credits to creators
Ohmai for Collabor88, A Lil’ Foxy Red Fox (this round of Collabor88 will close on the 7th)
Pumpkin, I’ma little fox cloak brown (MESH)
u.f.o, Who is the Wolf (old TFG item, not available)
tee*fy, Floral Vintage Leggings Brown
Crazy, Monaco Boots (colour-change)
My UglyDorothy, Christmas Groupgift (in store)
Mother Goose’s, pointed lashes 1 (LB)
Blah, Scary! pose


2 thoughts on “Who’s the fox in this henhouse?

  1. Some people have entirely too much interest in policing other’s lives. I wish I were surprised but, sadly, am not.

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