For those with eyes to see

It’s Friday morning and your av is feeling restless and dissatisfied. Neither Martin Amis nor Turkish tobacco is strong enough to amuse her. Wondering why the apartment seems so quiet, she suddenly realizes that although it’s 11AM, her lindens are still in bed, rolled tight in bunches of 50s. Sinking lower in her chair, your av sighs with grief and closes her eyes before a single tear escapes. Why open them again, she wonders, if there’s nothing to see? Nothing not quite rezzed, nothing almost hidden by the crowd of prim-laden fashionistas, nothing that costs so little but looks so good.

(Lucky #7’s chalk-white skin comes with special eyes and an alpha layer to give your av that special grief-stricken look. Also works for avs who don’t want to do homework, who forgot to buy aspirin at the drugstore, or who pretend to be statues in tourist season.)

Credits to creators
Lucky #7, BLUR closed eyes series skin & eyes (The Gallery Gift Shop till January 14; ty Shortcake Sugarplum!)
Lucky #7, Frozen Dew Lashes (TGGS till January 14; ty Shortcake Sugarplum!)
Tameless, Mindi (all colours) (ty Nita Bracken!)
hmaem, wings set i love christmas [earrings and necklace]
Aura, Bullet Proof Ruffled Pencil Skirt (WLA hunt item, 10L, ends today, January 6)
The Secret Store, Kimono Snow
Tailleurs Putain, Martha Undershirt Black
Nikotin, Cig Lady Black/Black
December, Glasses No.40 (old gift)
chair with poses is by Y’s House

GIMPed or it wouldn’t be art. (It only took me an hour to download and install smoke brushes. Superstar!)


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