Art is a stranger in an open car

I knew the moment I saw Isy Winslet’s Hunting that I’d really enjoy using it as the centerpiece of a photo shoot. But I procrastinated because, in the absence of a virtual space to call my own, it would take too long to create the proper setting for it.

Then I won this sexy dress from Icing and the mechanoguts from Grim Bros., and Portia looked fit to encounter some art. (I want you to know that I do not wear cocktail gowns when I visit art galleries in real life. That’s Portia’s thing.) My brain solved my setting problem when it remembered that I own the photo-box corridor from Sn@tch. It also kept sending me memories of Polanski’s Repulsion, but I swatted those down and did my tango with the Winslet work.

I call this photo When the Cyborgs Get Together, with apologies to Luce Irigaray (and to anyone who liked cyborgs until I mentioned them). To celebrate Grim Bros.’ fourth birthday, Cutea Benelli has set up a random gift-giver, which you can hit up every 24 hours. Portia’s mechanoguts are random gift 117, so don’t bet on snagging them. Ms. Benelli also set out four items in each section of the store for 44L a piece.

Credits to creators
Hunting by Isy Winslet (5 tiny lindens! available at TGGS)
*ICING* Starlight Dress (LB only)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -2012 January Group gift (in store)
Cheap Makeup- Parisian Eyebrows dark brown
(amper) gold leaf : brown lashes (not available)
::UH::GemStone eye G04 (longtime gift in store)
[Shag] – Thai Me Up (Roots) – bombshell
Grim Bros., mechanoguts 2 / steam the hunt 3 / steamy heart (randomized gift to celebrate birthday)
G. Field, Rusty Rose Bracelets and Choker -dark-
Anais Gaea, black diamond earrings (not available)
celoe, zoe.pump.gondola
C & D Benelli, Black Deco stockings (freebie)
Sn@tch, Dark Photo Box
PDA poses
GIMP got into my room….


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