Ladylike (sort of)

It’s odd to find myself buying kimonos to celebrate the new year since I am neither Japanese nor a kimono fancier in RL. This tradition is definitely one that I picked up in SL as a fan of Asian creators and bloggers, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to take a new approach to January kimono shopping. This meant ignoring the outfits featuring intense colours, bold patterns, bare shoulders and rope harnesses, and searching instead for something subtle and ladylike. I chose this kimono because the sweetness of the traditional-looking rose is offset by the abstract woodgrain pattern on the obi. It’s probably just a representation of a fish, but it looks pleasingly weird to me.

I’m sensitive to the problems of cultural appropriation, so I try to not go too Japanese when I put on a kimono. Taking a bad picture is one good way of maintaining my western identity. So is posing my av with an open parasol at what appears to be a bad Dan Flavin exhibition. A disassembled set from Battlestar Galactica? A circle in hell?

Really, the times I’ve tried to blend in with Japanese culture have been pretty disastrous.

Here, Portia wears eye makeup from hate me and eat me. The In the Garden set is available in three eye colours. Each set comes with pursed geisha lips in an orange-red shade. I would have used both eye and lip tattoos, but I am stuck with Phoenix unless I want to reboot my computer after every fart. (I’m a little lactose intolerant and I love milk, so that’s a lot of crashes.) I can’t figure out why Phoenix hasn’t done multiple tat layers. I can report that I wasn’t too impressed when, after a clean reinstall, I went to reset my graphics preferences and Phoenix flashed a message saying something like “although you have a graphics card that should be able to handle customization, we advise you to not change the settings unless you know what you are doing.” “Hmph!” is all I have to say to that snippy missive.

Credits to creators
Look one
*koyu* kimono(kon) (includes shoes not shown)
al vulo- maddy * BOHEMIENE milk (I think this is an Xmas gift I got at Beachwood)
hmaem – in the garden – c* (NEW; ty Riri Bazar!)
::UH::GemStone eye G04 (longtime gift in shop)
Gee maigasa 2 6 1 BL JG (with AO) (freebie at Kimono Festival, which is erm over)
tapoe, kimono doll poses (cheap on Marketplace)
shot at BJD Belial Japan Development

Look two
*koyu* kimono (LB1) (LB at Kimono Festival, which is hehe over)
[Iruco] Surgical mask (big mouth) (gacha)
-Glam Affair – Linn Light – Party! D (current TDR)
[ Love Soul ] Hair*069*Black
pose is from my AO


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