The challenge was the manliness

I’m filled with guilt for not alerting you to the LBs at the Kimono Festival, which closes today. (If you want to dash over, this paper airplane will land you between two LBs with red kimonos.) So I have opted to showcase inexpensive kimonos that you will still be able to buy at the main shops. I challenged myself to try new shops and to scan carefully for styles that didn’t immediately catch my eye. And then I saw purple in the way that dog in the animated movie sees squirrels. PURPLE!!! Plus gorgeous fabrics and pleasing shapes. The challenge here would be the manliness, not the aesthetics. All the sculptie pieces are resizable, but apparently Portia has the height and build of an average Japanese male avatar, so no adjustment was necessary after I slidered off her hips and breasts. I did have to fiddle quite a bit to get the sculpties in the appropriate places, and some didn’t ever sit quite right. If you’re running off to buy this ensemble, do note that the items cannot be worn separately.

There’s a circle in hell for bloggers who wear only half of the makeup set that creators slaved so long to coordinate perfectly. That’s where I go to relax. Otero is a new combo from Riri Bazar at hate me and eat me. The lips, on a separate tat layer, are pale icey orange.

Credits to creators
Silvery K, Men’s Kimono Rin(Purple) (comes with shoes not shown)
Glam Affair, Amelie skin Contessa D (at TDR till January 13)
hmaem, otero eyes makeup (NEW; comes with lipstick; ty Riri Bazar!)
vive9, Charlie in Edge Rooted (group colour)
Miseria, Creep poses

Shot at Japan Kansai and GIMPed like a gentle breeze across one’s brow.


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