Meshing around

Yesterday, I dropped into Jane to shop the sale and skipped home with a cute outfit. When I went to dress Portia, I realized that the Phoenix viewer’s alpha layer limit would make it impossible to wear two mesh pieces at once and would force my av to sport invisiprimmed shoes. I did what I could to make Portia’s torso fit the sweater (really? no elbow sizing slider? what is LL thinking?). I said neh-ver…mind in a singsongy tone when Portia’s shoes punched holes in the hem of her maxi-skirt. And then I decided that I deserved better. Having done enough research to discover that none of the known bugs and fixes is relevant to my Viewer 3 problems, I decided to do what Dr. Who always recommends. No, no, not reverse the polarity of the neutron flow. Turn off anisotropic filtering. There’s no telling whether this fix will work again, but I succeeded in enabling shadows as well as layering alphas. So this picture that looks to you like a boring photo of a simple outfit is actually a victorious victory of victorination.

Of course, the shadows that I enabled were just plain weird. I GIMPed the really ugly angular edges, which appear feathery from a distance but turn into ziggurats shrouded in post-rainfall jungle steam when I look more closely. It helps me to think of the shadows that my Mac makes as “differently abled” rather than crap.

PDA’s new Gangplank Oddment prop chair, which is stocked with provocative poses, has pushed my admiration for creator Izzy Bereznyak into small crush territory. I promise to be gentle.

Credits to creators
JANE – cropped sweater.cables.strawberry (MESH ALERT; 50% off)
JANE – maxi (MESH ALERT; 50% off)
Wasabi Pills, Brree Mesh Hair Golden (colour change scarf) (MESH ALERT)
[Ill] Illusory Skin – Paige_Honey – Fussion (NEW Collabor88 item)
Huz, Oriental Henna Faded tat (only sold on Marketplace atm)
House of Fox, ArchBoots[Navy2Tone] (old gift)
PM, Noble Ring in Dyed Wood Blue (old gift)
Awesome Blossom, I <3 you ring (store is closing!)
(pda) Gangplank Oddment (black/brown) (NEW Collabor88 item)

I GIMPed when you weren’t looking.


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