Just a feeling

Over the last six weeks, I’ve felt much less interested in SL fashion. I’ve started to delete things instead of box them, file away stuff I’ll probably never wear, decline notecards and mute stores I no longer patronize. (Especially if their bot or whatever it is calls Portia by her first name. Ick.) I’ve also been more depressed generally, so it’s not just blogger burnout. I have imagined tactics for changing the way I play SL and blog fashion. Today, I’m trying out two of them. The first is running pictures that don’t focus on the fashion but set a mood or just please me as pictures. The second is splurging on what I really really really like and forgetting the small stuff. I was going to buy a giant fur coat to go with celoe’s giant mesh pants—which were already a splurge—but 600L for a fur?! Well, I don’t need to be that pimped out, now do !?

Expensive as they are, I wanted the super slouchy lolong trousers because the shapes they make look amazing in photos, especially when contrasted with a tiny top. I tried to draw attention to the intense wrinkles in the trousers by pairing them with Ingenue’s Adelaide blouse, which is lightly wrinkled on the tummy. As far as cost goes, I should say that I am perfectly willing to pay more for better quality goods. But I will not pay double what other creators are asking if I am simply paying for the brand mystique. (Unless I am feeling desperate to belong and give in to magical thinking. Which happens. I’m not immune.) I don’t know why mesh is so much more expensive. Is it because it is new and creators need to spend more time working on it? Because the templates are expensive? Because it’s new and the market will pay more for novelty? Will prices for mesh clothing come down? I hope so, because right now, between sticker shock and viewer instability, I don’t even bother pricing all the mesh items that appeal to me.

Wildo is closing, so all the gorgeous accessories and funky hairdos are 39L. I feel guilty about this. I used to visit Wildo often. I’d admire the work but not buy it because floral headpieces are too much of a luxury. If we had all decided that they are a necessity, and bought them like mad, if only because of peer pressure, would Wildo still be in business? [I’m not getting you down at all, am I?]

Credits to creators
Ingenue :: Adelaide :: Merlot
[celoe.lolong.trousers.charade] (MESH alert)
[Iruco]hair25(black) (NEW; only available in black)
wildo, hana3* (store is closing and every gorgeous hairdo and hair accessory is 39L)
[Ill] Illusory Skin – Paige_Cocoa – Fussion (Collabor88 item)
ID. Secret Window Eyes – Hazel (was a Philippines Disaster Assistance Charity Event item)
N-core ULTRAPLATFORM “Bordeaux”
Glitterati, Headshot 3
shot at SLOW, exact location TBA because SL won’t let me TP there right now
This is not a candid shot of the Illusory skin. I slimmed Portia’s jaw to hide the demarcation between the powdered face and the unpowdered neck skin. Portia has a very wide face, however, so it likely would not be as visible on other avatars.


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