Lucky stripe

Chicago finally got its first snow, on the day when I would have been driving to work for the first time, had I been able to learn how to drive. Not even Mother Nature wants me to like my job, I thought, as I watched morons fishtail on the highway and prayed my colleague was as good a driver as she claimed. Ms. Nature tried flooding the uni a couple of years ago but only got as far as the basement classrooms. Maybe she could try a little harder—in the middle of the night, when no one will get hurt—and just suck the whole place into a pit, where it belongs. Sigh. I can dream, can’t I?

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to see Sylvia Olivier’s post offering for free a shape she made for Mother Goose’s Lene skin. Ms. Olivier may be going into business under the name Figure 8 Shapes, so keep your eyes peeled for more beauty.

The Seasons Gatcha event is chock full of desirable doodads. And frustration. And rule breaking. I resolved to hit no machine more than once. But the item I liked the most, Milk Motion’s knit chain-link scarf, came out in light grey twice before a real colour arrived. Now that I see the grey with this pink gatcha ‘do from epoque, I’m much happier with it. Overall, the curse of the boring gatcha wins is holding true, with black and beige following grey as most common “colours.”

I like the “luscious” size of Jane’s mesh items, which are still 50% off, along with the rest of the shop, as far as I know. The “luscious” butt is particularly perky in the striped maxi dress, which completely replaces Portia’s actual shape. I’m wondering if it’s wrong to Photoshop or GIMP mesh bodies into whatever shapes we want. After all, we need to find some way of overcoming the standardization. What do you think?

Credits to creators
Look one
*BOOM* Oslo Baggy Sweater Dress (xsmall) Indigo {MESH ALERT} (ty Aranel Ah!)
JANE – maxi [petite] {MESH ALERT} (50% off)
(epoque hair) Hibernation I – Bliss (Seasons Gatcha item)
Figure 8 Shapes: Kimmy [by Sylvia Olivier]
.::Mother Goose’s::.LENE4 (LB)LaVaNdA Mall (LB at Lavanda Mall only)
.ID. Coldface / Seasons Gatcha Bonus Item :)) [came with eyes] (Seasons Gatcha item)
.ID. Snowfall Eyes / Seasons Gatcha / Hazel (Seasons Gatcha item)
*NUT* Snowflakes On My Face (not available)
Tee*fy Mini Crossbody Bag ( Maylee’s ) (Seasons Gatcha item)
(Milk Motion) chain link wool scarf *red* (Seasons Gatcha item)
Juxtapose – Catch a Flake 5
marukin, from the eobseon pack
location: KittyCats Winter Wonderland

Look two
my own shape
MONS / Lumen Skin (normal) – blonde b – candy makeup (current TDR)
skin and bones cosmetics – eclabousser B (Seasons Gatcha item)
(amper) ka-pow! : lashes (not available)
::UH::GemStone eye G04 (longtime gift)
(epoque hair) Hibernation I – Icing (Seasons Gatcha item)
::HH:: Hucci Tres Circle Earrings LRG (NEW subo gift)
Nemesis, Secret Clutch Black
(Milk Motion) chain link wool scarf * cloudy light grey* (Seasons Gatcha item)
JANE – 2nd skin dress.horizon.charcoal [luscious] {MESH ALERT} (50% off)
PDA for Collabor88, Eight Static Poses
location: Blah

not GIMPed, except for correcting stuff that my graphics card perverted


What do you think?

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