For Sakia’s sake

I had never paid full price for an Al Vulo skin until fair Sakia came along. Thanks to the generosity of Hlin Bluebird, who gives out group gifts and participates in hunts as well as discount events, I have been well supplied with silky sexy looks. But Mokatana Boa, whose extraordinary face fascinates me, showed all of Sakia’s lipsticks. I took one look at the berry goth lipstick and knew that I had to have that mouth for Portia. So here it is, almost completely obscured by an astonishing hairdo from Heart Softens, which is holding a farewell sale. Don’t fret: I’ll be back tomorrow with a closer look at Sakia’s Disco makeup.

Following my instincts rather than the trends—which I can’t keep up with any more, to be honest—I snapped up Gato’s très chic NotGivenchy dress. Lalu Bonetto sets her own trends, especially when it comes to beautiful floral fabrics that never smell of grandmama. Ms. Bonetto also has one of the most distinctive avs on the grid, looking a little odd and a lot sexy all at once. You can glimpse her good looks on her Flickr stream. Portia did not wear the shoulder prims of the NotGivenchy dress because I wanted the look to be pure body-hugger. The chest area of this pattern is quite light, so I had to erm downsize Portia’s workforces, which were looking swollen and erm inefficient. (Sometimes a metaphor takes me strange places.)

Credits to creators
Gato, NotGivenchy Dress
al vulo!- sakia* disco blonde brow fair and al vulo * sakia- lipstik goth for fair (NEW)
Fleshtone::AlexandraClutch [Gold] (NEW; ty StevenZ. and Gisele!)
.+*HS*+. Hair ::ITSU:: Blond (store is closing, discounted)
Kalnins Footwear – Audrey (former TDR item)
:: PM :: Noble Ring in Dyed Wood Blue- JF2011 Gift (not available)
poses by marukin, eobseon pack, and tea (not available)
location: a NODE house at SLOW
Why, yes, there *was* GIMPage. How did you know?!


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