P. is for vixen

Some days, I just need to be a blonde vixen. Scratch that. Start again. Some days, I just need Portia to be a blonde vixen so that I can feel serene about my stretched-out jeggings, my tangled brown hair and the weird rash on my left arm. The other day, when I heard the news about Olive Juice closing, I was able to work through the first four of the seven stages of grief just by setting Portia to vixen and shooting her in a pose from OJ’s Avedon Poses pack. All OJ pose packs are half yadda yadda, and all poses are 25 whatevers until the store closes in the inevitable fullness of time, etc. (Portia’s a flat-chested redheaded schoolgirl today, so I’m not coping well with this loss. By the way, everything I know about the seven stages of grief I learned from Lenny Bruce in All That Jazz, a movie I recommend.)

This is the closeup I promised of al vulo’s fair-tone Sakia skin in the Disco makeup with a metallik red lipstick tat. I love the eye makeup with the unusual white wing and the white sparkle on the top lid. It shifts the kohl-rimmed eye into Studio 54 territory. No, make that Plato’s Retreat.

This lollipop is not a nom. It’s a disguised ball gag. Suckers don’t make you drool like that. Gags do. Trust me on this. I’ve tried both. I don’t know which I prefer. But blonde vixen Portia never goes anywhere without one of each.

Credits to creators
al vulo!- sakia* disco blonde brow fair and al vulo * sakia lipstik-metallik red tattoo
Sweet Sin, Lollipop
Truth, Helena w roots Mirage
Mons, Bodysuit Natasha Powder Pink (was a WLAH item)
Olive Juice, Avedon Pose Pack
I GIMPed these pics without mercy.


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