I really like The Alley Shoppes, a Potter-themed shopping street that’s narrow and odd-angled in medieval style. But the shadows that live there are as miserable and perverse as an evil flunky’s flunky. After much unsuccessful coaxing of sliders, I decided to embrace the sooty bastards as the shadows I deserve.

If, like me, you have this strange fantasy that your av could only be someone who’d been expelled from Hogwarts, you’ll want to invest in kilts, attitude-intense t-shirts and a bag big enough to hold all the familiars you plan to liberate.

Mesh New eyes from Mayfly. Blue and pink new eyes from Mayfly.

Credits to creators
::[annaA]:: Body Shape “Fay” (ty Anna Ashbourne!)
Mariko, SULLI_LB (group LB)
HoD, Omega piercing and +Nuuna+ Omega (Red Eyes) – Female (former hunt gift)
Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Monet Dawn, w1) (NEW; ty Arkesh Baral!) (NOT MESH!)
[Lauria] Clara Perfect Fit lashes (not available)
/Wasabi Pills/ Nicole Mesh Hair – Tangerine and Dark Flame (MESH ALERT) (NEW; ty MissAllSunday Lemon!)
IMBUE. Eye of the Tiger shirt (TFG)
Pig – Ribbon Sweater Black (worn underneath)
:[Plastik]:-Ambrice Corset-Holland/Blue
:pesca:tartan check skirt black watch
::LC:: Aztec Satchel Animated (comes with non-animated version also) (TFG)
Gato, Zebra Glasses (The Cafe Hunt item)
PIDIDDLE – Gawdy Ring – Lost at Sea Sp. Etd. (VIP gg, fee to join)
A.M.K.R, * Bullet bracelet * unisex (open gift)
Baiastice_Oxa Mesh Ankle Boots-sapphire (MESH ALERT; pack includes rigged and non-rigged versions)
.::Mother Goose’s::. socks-autumn 01 (old gg)
pose one is Label Motion, Betty pack
pose two is in the LC satchel
pose three is pda, jet plane pose
There was GIMPing and Pixlration, but that last photo is just Windlight and willpower.

What do you think?

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