Argyle escape

I have to admit that Loica’s argyle sweater is an odd choice for Pleisure, which is not exactly the prep-school express. The sexy new pullover from Poised is available in a number of other patterns, so you needn’t go in for the stolid lozenge look, unless you’re a closet argyle fetishist like me.

Six years ago, the sexiest man I’ve ever met came to my party dressed in an argyle sweater. I was floored. To my mind, argyle equals establishment. So here was the establishment, in my home, touching my stuff, breathing my air. I had to trust that he was wearing the sweater ironically, or my plans to make him my sex slave would have to be scrapped. Admittedly, I myself owned a pair of argyle socks, which I had picked up at a dollar store in NYC when my feet were unusually cold. At first the socks were something I planned to toss out, a joke, but I soon discovered that they were quite pleasing to my eye. Black with subdued blue and red argyle lozenges, the socks became a favourite pair, but I always told myself that they were a secret twist in my otherwise bohemian outfits or a perfect match for my ironic blue suede shoes. After what happened today, I don’t think I can pretend I’m just joking about argyle.

Shopping for socks, I immediately spotted a pair of black argyles. I couldn’t get myself to browse the racks, couldn’t stop myself from buying them, even though I know that the crappy in-store brand—which includes a troubling “1% other material” in its fabric—will not last. I can only conclude that I am a full-on fetishist of argyle socks. What’s worse, this fetish has nothing to do with the sexiest man I ever met. He turned out to be even more conservative than his outfits let on. He turned out to be happily married. I bet his socks are all plain old navy blue.

Credits to creators
[Atomic] Grace Skin (DB)_Buff – Red Hot (NEW; TDR Blue item)
[UMEBOSHI] TGGS doe eyes -Frozen Moss- Large (The Gallery Gift Shop item; ty!)
(amper) ka-pow! : lashes (not available)
::Poised:: Me Sweater Soft (NEW, comes in other patterns; ty Poise Collins!)
[Plastik]-Boudoir-Glimmer Glam (worn underneath) (old 50L Friday)
[Aura] – Bullet Proof – Ruffled Pencil Skirt (MESH) – L – Plain (MESH ALERT; WLA hunt item, not available, but other patterns are for sale)
[Sleepy Eddy] Gacha hat (Black-a) (Seasons Gatcha)
Maitreya Gold – Allure-Tights Black
poses built into phone booth and bike by
location Seoul
GIMP was waged

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