Black and Blah

I tried to stop myself buying Blah’s Peek-a-Boo dress in black. I joined the VIP group to get the gift version, a striking emerald green, but to no avail. There’s something about cleavage that calls out for black. I also tried to stop myself buying these shoes from Debrah’s, on account of them being for strippers. But I couldn’t resist the extreme look. There’s no demo for these babies, and I am not at all happy with the limits of the HUD when it comes to skin tones. There are also ugly grey lines on the feet, which I’ve seen on other shoes with this type of HUD. What’s that about? If I’d been more daring, I’d have bought the version with long toe-nails curling over the edge of the shoe. Eew but cool. [UPDATE: Debrah Windlow was kind enough to contact me to make sure there was nothing wrong with the shoes. And there isn’t. I just don’t like the grey shading. Will it keep me from wearing the shoes again? No. ‘Cause they’re hot. Do I want to be able to demo shoes with sculpty feet and HUDs? Yes!]

There’s a sale at some of the shops at Truth District this week. The recent Truth releases are half price, so I bought Loica a black Helena to balance Portia’s blonde. Curio skins are also marked 50% off. I don’t know if 750L is half off for individual skins, but 1500L for a mega pack sounds like a deal. The provocatively sexy Pout is one of the discounted skins.

Yes, well, I wasn’t about to let winning the most boring colour gacha necklace get me down. Undefined Lilies’ Fur Ball Face is too cute to consign to my “gutted by gacha” file.

Credits to creators
Blah. (My Peek-a-Boo Dress / Sexy Black)
undefined lilies, fur ball faces (creme/gold) (Seasons Gatcha)
>TRUTH< Helena – espresso (half price this week at Truth District location only)
Debrah’s, “Coty” HighHeels Black Snake
Curio, :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Pout-Whine 1 (half price this week at Truth District location only)
Irezumi-ya tattoo251 thigh
.ID. Colors of Fall / Orange (old Seasons Hunt item)
(amper) ka-pow! : lashes (not available)
pose one: Olive Juice, Avedon Pose Pack (sale)
pose two/three: Olive Juice, Defying Gravity Pack (sale)


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