Art licks back

Portia hadn’t realized that her passion for art was mutual. Today, Portia wears Artemis, a hunt gift available this week only from Hugo’s Designs. You need to find 13 small red and black boxes scattered throughout the spacious store. *cough Phoenix Area Search cough* There are exposed and clothed versions of the top and bottom. Whereas one bottom option gives you a bikini, another features only a strategically placed white chain. Yeah, I kinda wish I’d shot a picture of that too. The artworks by Chase Sinclare of Paparazzi are available for purchase at The Gallery Gift Shop. They sit on the floor of your loft, leaning against the wall, demonstrating that you own so much art that you’re casual about its display. Or you are too depressed to hammer a nail into the wall.

Credits to creators
artworks by Paparazzi (Chase Sinclare) at The Gallery Gift Shop
*HD* Artemis (free: hunt for 13 small red and black boxes to get the complete outfit)
(Paper Couture) Parted Hair Updo – Black
BAX, Booties Appaloosa
Curio, :GP: Petal [Dark] Pout 2-Big Baby 2
pose: shopo.O_5KneelPosePack1
I had to GIMP like a maniac to straighten out the stark white lines of this outfit. In the process, some things got distorted. Not just the size of Portia’s posterior.


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