The first resort

The moment I saw Nevery Lorakeet’s new romper for Les Petits Details, I knew I was in the presence of cool. The harem pants make unusual shapes. The texture is grainy and shiny at the same time, like heathered lurex. The top can be worn whole or with a circular cutout, as you’ll see in the next picture. And there are three jewel tones—red, pink or emerald—and black to choose from. Truth be told, I cheated a little when I opted to show the red version and cooked up a sexy resort look. I wanted to be cool enough to get the black version working with some colourful trainers and a pair of glasses reading what / ever. But someone, either me or my av, doesn’t have the attitude to pull that off. Images of MiaEmlyn Mayflower are flashing through my mind.

Stones is my third av. I designed her to be belle laide, like a lot of the hipper avs out there. (Still can’t get that cartoonish thing going, however. Some sensibilities depend on skills I don’t have.) Jesylilo’s new Julie skin allows Stones to be her weird-faced self with some makeups that give her a raw look. In addition to number 4, worn here, there’s an even barer makeup, number 1, with a variation that gives your av pink bags under her eyes. Good for roleplay I could say, but it’s closer to what people look like in real life. Imperfect. Anyone planning on doing a makeup with stubborn patches of dry, flaking skin? Cause that would be timely at this stage in the winter. Stones’ shawl and earrings are gifts at Meena, which is related to Boho Hobo, the shop that donates proceeds to an organization supporting the women of Afghanistan. Check out some Meena looks on Neuilles Newman’s Flickr.

Credits to creators
LpD, Etnic Chic Suit Red (NEW; ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
Jesylilo, Julie LightSkin*J4*BT (closeup) and J1 (long shot) (NEW; ty Lilo Glom!)
Meena, striped Afghan shawl (gg)
Meena, Afghan Kuckhi hoops (gg)
Pesca, Linen and wood sandal red leaf (may have been a gift but similar styles are available)
LeLutka, Rykiel Rita Dark Reds
Para Designs, Deadly Spades Dark tat
(r)M, silver rings (dirt cheap on Marketplace)
poses by Olive Juice
location: one of the apartments at Saikin
GIMPed? Yes’m, but gently.


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