Enter the drag one

I wanted to do a post to mark the beginning of the year of the dragon, which matters in my SL but not my RL, because I have more Asian contacts on the grid than I do in the midwest. I wanted to experiment with a trendy urban look, because I never do that, in any life. I wanted to create and show off a pretty new av, because I’m tired of fugly Portia. I wanted to wear a Heartsick skin, because I almost never do. Finally, I wanted to give you shadows, because you deserve them. The resulting image: a pointlessly light-flecked drag queen who probably chose the mousey-brown shoulder pet because a colourful one would out-fierce her. (Snap, eh?)

I also wanted to be in the reopened Drowsy sim, where you can find cool gifts in round leather boxes like the ones you see here. The gifts include binoculars, helmets and animal cages. Of course! Today is the last day of the For Whatever Hunt, so you should dash off to Azoury to pick up these awesome animalistic boots.

Credits to creators
Merlin’s Beard, Pocket Dragon – Persican Peach (gacha) [find this Potter-themed shop at the wonderfully named sim The Village in My Pants (where men go to scratch their erm neighbours)] UPDATE
Azoury, Talons Shoes (For Whatever Hunt gift through January 31st)
R.icielli – EVA minidress/bronze including belt (on sale for 50L)
{SMS} Lace Leggins Brown (former event item)
HS : Love : Muse : Dazzle (MC / Brows) (was a New Year’s VIP gg)
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4 (came with a skin)
Cheap Makeup-Latex Liner dark burgundy (old free gift)
tram A811 hair / (old group gift)
La Malvada Mujer – Persiguiendo el Dragon[necklace#2]
Silence – Gilded Horn Ring (rhand) (not available)
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Onyx)::: (old freebie)
pose one: marukin
pose two: tapoe (cheap on Marketplace)
Pics are GIMPed, but mostly the background.


What do you think?

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