Feeling Drowsy

Pop on your orienteering outfit and spend some time exploring the reopened Drowsy sim. It’s thoroughly charming. You’ll enjoy unexpected encounters with lions and hippos and bears, ohmai. The hippos eluded me until I tried to take a pic of my av standing among the ducks. You can also do some shopping at Kurotsubaki and BP*, where I picked up these un-camouflage leggings.

There are so many hunts starting up that I feel like blindfolding myself. And randomly shooting arrows at people. The Where is The Concert Hunt is ending on February 3, so you should go now to Fallen Gods Inc to pick up this not-camouflage Aladdin Sane tattoo. Don’t forget that there are new LBs and a dollarbie skin at Mother Goose’s, as well as several new releases. My lumpy, block-chinned new av looks better than poor Portia in every skin I try on. So she’ll be sticking around.


Credits to creators
both hats and the binoculars (with a cool spiderweb detail on the lens) are gifts at Drowsy: look for round leather boxes
BP* uroko pants (NEW)
:STICKY FINGERS: My pink camo cardigan dress
Mother Goose’s, Hami LB
Fallen Gods Inc, Aladdin Sane face makeup (Where Is the Concert Hunt gift, ends Feb 3)
[JB] Juicy Box – selvagem Color Tattoo (NEW; ty Jossy Haiku!) Juicy Box is on Marketplace
Bliensen + MaiTai – La Gamme Du Printemps – Earrings (Seasons Palette Hunt gift)
DECO – MESH Group Gift SlingPack female (skulls) (recent subo gift)
DECO – Madison boots (olive)small (old Seasons Hunt gift)
poses: Del May; the binoculars made me do it
GIMPage is inevitable.


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