No Queen of Sheba

I love blogging Lilo Glom’s skins for JesyLilo because they are both glamorous and offbeat. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, there’s a whole new line of skins inspired by Oleg Dou. Each skin comes with a shape—which I didn’t use for these photos, on account of Portia being neglected for a week—and a pair of eyes. There are actually three versions of the skin included in the pack. Each one has a different tattoo on the back: a dragonfly, a seahorse or a peacock. The beaded bald-head tattoo Portia wears here is a makeup layer, also included, though perhaps not in every pack. Do check Lilo Glom’s Flickr for more pics and please demo skins before you buy! I didn’t GIMP a pixel on Portia’s face, but this Windlight setting isn’t going to follow you around like a faithful dog.

Sn@tch is having a sale through February 6, and the usual rules apply: 50 to 75% off on everything except new releases and things that are already so cheap that you’d be embarrassed to get a further discount. I bought latex and lace, but you could shop Sn@tch and come out looking like a professor. If you’re kinky that way.

Credits to creators
JesyLilo, OlegDouValentine CreemTon J7 (NEW; ty Lilo Glom!)
Sn@tch, Darling Lace Bodysuit Pink (on sale)
La Malvada Mujer, Claws S.P. (was a gift, but there are lots of claws to be had at this shop and in SL)
Olive Juice, Beach Baudy
GIMP report: I spent an hour removing black lines from these photos. I hate that! I also fixed Portia’s body when the pose betrayed her or her booty looked less than joosy. But the skin is untouched.

What do you think?

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