Putting the damage on

Portia shimmied into Aura’s Zombie Popcorn Hunt dress and I knew instantly that it was a good excuse for being bad. With From Hell in the back of my mind, I searched for “opium den” and found Portia a berth at Shanghai Lily’s. But it must have been a drug-induced vision, because when Portia returned in the clear light of day, Lily’s was gone! (Run off, I guess, with Kubla Khan.)

Portia relaxes in the new Elena skin from Essences. This fresh and lovely skin comes with a dozen lipsticks, including this decadent black/red shade. There are also four eyeliners, two styles of freckles, numerous blushes, and a cute patch of pubic hair, all in tat form, as well as a cleavage enhancer on undershirt and tattoo layers.

In Shanghai, Portia shows off the milky look of the lightest of the Elena skin tones. Check out Next Pointless Trend for wonderful uncoverage all the tones.

Sometimes booN hair wants to be architecture. Eew. I just imagined how awful it would be if buildings wanted to be hair. I gotta lay off the opium.

Credits to creators
Aura -Deschanel (Rigged) Dress – M – Lumine and Gloom (ZPH 6 gift)
{.essences.} Elena skin – Pale with Lipstick: black 03 and Elena Eyeliner 02 for nighttime and Lipstick: red 03 and Elena Eyeliner 04 for day (NEW; ty Inka Mexicola!)
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
booN KGI848 hair black (NEW)
booN gathered raised hairbase black (sold separately)
[Aura] Dia De Los Muertos – (pink)
S (and) P – Lotus Creeper Tattoo
[JB] Juicy Box – Just Dance Tattoo (NEW; ty Jossy Haiku!)
N-core CAPRICE Noir Intense
nighttime poses built into the furniture
daytime poses: Glitterati and PDA
daytime location: Steelhead Shanghai
GIMP straightened out the bod and erased the lines and may have strayed onto the face in order to do this. I don’t remember. I blame the opium. Also Madonna’s halftime show, which is appalling me as I type.

What do you think?

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