I cave so hard and hot

The same thing happens every February. The hearts hit the feeds and I think “Ugh, more red. I’m boycotting V Day fashions.” And then the awesome creators and bloggers make it all look so fun and sexy that I can’t resist. Nylon Pinkney of Ooh La La is this year’s winningest temptress: a veritable chocolate box full of red versions of her retro-inspired sexy lingerie is discounted to 88L a piece. They’re displayed in a special vendor on the back wall of the Tableau shop. Ooh. I am already salivating at the thought of snapping up some more of these soft centres.

The latest yummy group gift skin from Heartsick is a subtle Valentine’s look. In addition to this pale tone, the pack contains two very dark tones, one with an undertone of yellow curry, and one that looks like very dark chocolate mixed with very dark chocolate. Amesha Jewell’s freckles are to die for. I have to say that I much prefer freckles like these, which are drawn onto the skins. The tat layers are always too faint under studio lights.

Credits to creators
Ooh la la, Candy Bodysuit Pink (88L V-Day discount)
Heartsick, Romance Muse Juliet (MC / Frec / Brows) (NEW gg; 10L fee to join)
Mayfly, Deep Sky Eyes Monet Dawn, w1
N-Core, Coquette Platform Pink (Womestuff Hunt)
D!va Hair, Yoko Type B Ruby (LB only)
Sheer Tights 26 Torn Semi-Opaque Black
Scribble, String Theory Black [tinted darker]
Philo, Tri Bracelet (old WLA Hunt item)
hmaem, I Hate Myself poses (not available)
Glitterati, Longhair 1 poses
The first photo is lit weird and post-processed. It can’t be trusted. I had to do a lot of GIMPing to get rid of a black pall cast on the second photo. So it got a bit arty. In SL, shadows really are trouble. Enabling them is like begging for detention after school.

What do you think?

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