Back to Black in bloom

By all means go to the Back to Black event for the shopping, but while you’re there, take a minute to think about the millions of people who are struggling with mental illness and with the stigma our society still attaches to it. There’s a wide range of offerings in this loosely themed event, including some charity items. I chose Purrfect’s 10 limited edition sandals, which are a steal at 169L 149L and a 100% donation item. I also had to have GOK’s Color Mixed Floral Dress, which Loica is wearing as a top with a pair of Blah leggings. Back to Black opens on February 11th.

Loica’s shiny teardrop-shaped earrings and necklace are a gacha offering from Bliensen + MaiTai at this month’s FTLO Black Market. I biggened them up with some simple stretching because I like my jewels the way I like my paychecks—hefty.

I noticed that lately a lot of bloggers are shooting their avs next to cars, so I am following suit. I think it’s a means of defying the wretched groundhog that predicted six more weeks of winter. There is no way that we’re keeping our sports cars under wraps that much longer. Let’s hear the sound of a million sun roofs retracting. Loica’s traffic-stopping Lana tote by Fleshtone is a special edition for the current installment of The Fashion Garret.

Credits to creators
P10, Spring in Bloom Heels (Back to Black item:
GoK- Color Mixed Floral 1 (Back to Black item:
Blah. (My Lazy Leggings) Pink Pants
Bliensen + MaiTai – Tropfen – Earring R – Dots 1 and Tropfen – Earring L – Dots 2 [I mixed two pairs] (gacha at FTLO Black Market; ty Ms. Laszlo!)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Tropfen – Necklace . Dots (gacha at FTLO Black Market; ty Ms. Laszlo!)
Fleshtone, Lana Leather Tote (TFG edition; ty Stevenz. and Gisele!)
R.icielli, Skull Ring
[ glow ] Rhapsody eyelashes – Paint splash
-Glam Affair- Linn Tan skin – Galaxy D (former TDR item)
{.essences.} Lipstick: pale 01 (came with Elena skin)
poses from Glitterati, Formality 1 (at Collabor88)
location Sinners Heaven
GIMP-positive and shadows-enabled in SL Viewer 3.

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