Let’s love

Black lines. They just can’t stop criss-crossing our photos. I’m tired of erasing them. But there seems to be no way of banishing them for good. When Elka posted an image to Flickr wondering how to get rid of her black lines, I suggested that she embrace them, even love them. She kissed those lines with all the tongue she possesses and was disappointed to see they were still there. It hadn’t occurred to me that a fashionista would use sex to solve a technical problem. But she’s so much more creative than me. I was actually suggesting simple tolerance. Let’s let the black lines live. Let’s let them be. In time, we may love them as much as we love LeLutka. And it’s just possible that if we learn the lesson of tolerance, the black lines will see that their work is done and move on to challenge the prejudices of people who play with angry birds.

I finally got a chance to show off this gorgeous peacock tattoo. It’s an option on JesyLilo’s Valentines editions of OlegDou skins. In today’s photos I was experimenting with unflattering light. Look at these pics to see Ms. Glom’s handiwork in a loving glow.

Zoe Gloster did not believe me when I told her she’d sold me this men’s hair, Hans by Burley. One blog pic was all it took. I admit that I was perplexed by the demo, which is shot through with green hair. I assumed it was an anti-theft thing. Turns out the green hair is tintable, in two ways, neither of which I have mastered loved enough to bring out its bestest best. Therefore, this puckish cut will be back. Like black lines on SLimages.

Credits to creators
*JeSyLiLO*:::OlegDouValentine:::*CreemTon*J4 (NEW; ty Lilo Glom!)
:STICKY FINGERS: My black heart dress
Heartsick : Divinity Lingerie : Cornflower (lovely free set of two bras and panties)
*QP*BloodTransfusionNecklace .Type A (gacha at My Bloody Valentine event: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wolf%20Schwanz/122/98/3905)
bellballs essentials- Crucifix Cuff (L) Black and bellballs essentials- Crucifix Cuff (R) White [sold together for fi*friday]
PIDIDDLE – Gawdy Ring Set (ZPH item)
Glitterati, Formality 1 pack and Headshot 3 pack

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