I would not just leave you without a kiss

Stoned on chocolate…again, my new avatar, who is probably going to be called Anorak Jr., shows off CandyDoll’s Valentine’s Day gift skin. I had a tough time choosing between this skin and a more dramatic VD dollarbie from Inaya in their Tahoe skin tone. Maybe I’ll sneak back inworld and take some pics and post it too. I mean, I’ve got the time, nothing but time, because nobody loves me, and I already ate my Belgian consolation waffle. Only they left out the word consolation on the package.

This outfit is all about the pleasure of colour and gorgeous textures. The suede gg boots from COCO look so good I could eat them. The coat is a special Valentine’s Day item from tomoto. There’s another one in a not-pink colour scheme and two kimonos with small hearts on them, one black and one red. Tomo Wachter has taken to doing pop-up shops. Ima give you the LM to save you the frustration of searching high and low: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meet/99/95/22. Who loves you, baby?

Credits to creators
**CandyDoll- Be Mine Skin Gift (subo gift)
tomoto, hifu kumouroko pink (modded: I shrank it; I love the work shrank)
fri. – Basic.Turtleneck (Navy)
MichaMi: Pia Leggings in Gold (TDR)
“”D!va”” Hair “Yoko” (Type B)(Ruby) (LB only)
*COCO*_SuedeBoots(Fur)_RiggedMesh (NEW gg)
*Epic* Kawaii Monkey Business Purse! {Sherbet} (this was a Cafe Hunt item but I’m sure there are other colours)
MIEL, UVA NECKLACE (old subo gift)
::UmedamaHolic::Crystal eye(mossgreen)M
poses PDA
GIMP did his business


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