Back to Black revisited

I didn’t like what I had to say about depression in my last post about Back to Black, a fashion event that aims to raise awareness about mental health. I worry that I gave the impression that depression is genetic and thus purely a matter of preprogrammed chemical imbalances that can be corrected with drugs. It’s much more complex than that. Depression is not a purely physical illness, so the idea that it can be treated only with drugs is ridiculous. Therapy is an absolute necessity. I have watched my mother resist it and thus retard her recovery. I believe that nurture influences mood as much as nature. Even parents who suffer from only mild persistent depression (dysthymia) cope with their suffering in ways that may dispose their children to dysthymia or depression. Many depressive episodes are triggered by a loss. I think it’s important to attempt to come to terms with that loss, to go through the process of grieving instead of staying mired in depression. I also suspect that there are social causes of depression. Unfortunately, sexism, racism and classism run rampant in therapeutic institutions, so the cure may be as noxious as the disease. I have received better care than others because I am an educated, middle-class, white woman. I’d get even better care if I were also male. I have encountered my share of patronizing and dismissive male doctors who make frankly nutty gender-biased assumptions about me and my prognosis. One doctor who had met me three times in the course of six months thought I was doing better because I wore a dress. During a withering heatwave. (What would he have thought if he knew I wasn’t wearing a bra or underwear? During a withering heatwave.) I no longer go to male doctors. It’s just too exhausting to get the right mix of irony and outrage when uttering, for the hundredth time, the rhetorical question “Have you met me?!”

Today’s fashion details: the handcuff earrings and keys collar are by The set also includes a cool double slave bracelet for the upper arm. The skin is the third gift for Mynerva VIP group members, and it will only be available for a limited time. This gift includes pale and tan skins and light and dark makeup layers in neutral colours. I actually tossed on a lipstick from Essences ’cause I’m craazzy like that.

Credits to creators
mijn.botique / accessorises / golden hope earrings and golden hope necklace (for BTB at
~Mynerva~Group Gift 3~Milena Preview Update Porcelain (gg, 50L fee to join)
{essences} Long and Rare Eyelashes (old gift)
{.essences.} Lipstick: pale 01- (came with Elena skin)
:::Sn@tch Carilon Bodysuit Black
Maitreya Allure Tights – Black
[e] Looking – Black 04
Izzie’s – Glitter Nails (ZPH Item, hunt is over)
::UmedamaHolic::GemStone eye G04 (old gift)
poses: freebie pack at Label Motion


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