Head to toe

I love ni.ju’s piercings. You should pop out and pick up the very inexpensive set of four related nose/cheek piercings available at Perfect Wardrobe. Annalesca Ashbourne is now making skins to go with her shapes. The newest set is Honey. Here I’m showing off the special XYRoom Aluka shape, which came with two skins, one with grey lips and one with white lips, shown here. The skins have cleavage and freckle options. UPDATE The full release of Aluka is now available. XYRoom appears to be closed. UPDATE

I particularly like this shot because it looks as though my av is wondering why her shoe is disappearing into the floor. To keep your av’s platform shoes above boards, you need to adjust the Z axis in Phoenix. EDIT>PREFERENCES>PHOENIX>AVATAR: raise the Z axis till the shoe clears ground level. I haven’t found a way of doing it in any other viewer. Please leave me a comment if you know how to change this setting in Viewer 3.

Debrah has done a new version of the sexy Coty shoe with more natural shading on the feet. I took this shot with the CalWL Windlight setting, so this is how they look inworld. I almost want to lick the cute wrinkly bit around the outside of the instep. I’m like a shading fetishist or something.

Credits to creators
Debrah’s “Coty” HighHeels Black Snake (ty Debrah!)
:::Sn@tch Unseelie Leather Pants (Black-P)::: and Corset (Black-J):::
::[annaA]:: ::Body Shape “Aluka” and Skin ” Aluka ” – 3 b clv 2 frx and Skin ” Aluka ” – 3 a clv 2 frx [in the longshot] UPDATE The full release of Aluka is now available. XYRoom appears to be closed. UPDATE [ty Anna!]
Amacci, Hairbase Tattoo – Onyx [in the closeup] (free at store)
[ni.Ju] Celtizine Piercing . water and Celtizine Piercing . fire [in the long shot] (Perfect Wardrobe)
[ni.Ju] Chain Chomp Piercing UPDATE
[ni.Ju] Broken Hearted Piercing . full (UPDATE Rotting Valentine Hunt gift, till March 4 UPDATE)
NyteNDay Ginger belt Black
::Happy Finds:: Grinning Death Ring (not available)
Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Monet Dawn, w1)
UPDATE Pose one: Apple Spice Poses, Slutty Pose Pack (at Whore Couture; ty AppleSpice!) UPDATE
Pose two and three: Glitterati

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