Haute modes of transport

Fly, swim, or just take the train to Epoch Escher if you want to get your hot little hands on Nylon Outfitters’ homage to the draughtsman’s less staircasey designs.

If you’re searching for something a little less ladylike, you can always crawl on your belly to the Whore Couture Festival, where you’ll be tempted by Apple Spice’s array of Slutty poses. Loica’s luscious skin is new from AMD. This is Regina without makeup. You can purchase the Fierce makeups at the main store and a smudged eyeliner version at Whore Couture.

Urban sprawl?

Credits to creators
(NO) Air & Water Dress (UPDATE: available at Tableau sim store)
(AMD) Regina – Dark (NEW; ty Apple May!)
Fleshtone::TheSquare.0 [modded arm position] (NEW; ty Gisele and Stevenz.!)
N-core ULTRAPLATFORM “Noir Intense”
R.icielli – BRIGITTE earrings /quartz
R.icielli – IRIS SKULL RING /GOLD goldgems
[Shag] – Thai Me Up (Roots) – butterscotch
(AMD) Big Shades – Cream (old gift)
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4
pose one: Glitterati, Formality 1 pack (Collabor88)
pose two: Apple Spice Poses, Slutty Pose (NEW; sold individually at Whore Couture; ty AppleSpice!)


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