Hanging with the old stars (never safe for work)

The way I see it, this is the perfect time of year for a fertility rite, especially if you feel the need to flout stupidly strict rules against nudity in SL. I used to unbox and shoot in a PG sandbox that requires users to wear “more than a bathing suit,” even in the summer. Frequently, I would panic TP elsewhere when I realized Portia was wearing something too sexy. I had to apologize when, during a wardrobe change, my avatar was momentarily naked. As a precaution, I started adding extra layers to outfits so that everything would be covered while I was changing. The sim has booths for avs to change in, but the booths are too small, especially if one is unboxing. The other day, I was trying to cut down my 21,000-items-plus inventory by doing an hour of hard, sweaty boxing, so I was not focused on what my av was wearing. Portia was, in fact, looking positively virginal in a My UglyDorothy skin, a sweet ginger-red hairdo from fri.day, and the new Hucci jumpsuit, which is neither tight nor skimpy. So I couldn’t figure out why I received messages from not one but two sim monitors telling me that I wasn’t wearing the alpha for the jumpsuit. The problem wasn’t that the jumpsuit was too small and Portia’s big t*tas were sticking out of the mesh. The problem was that any players not using a mesh viewer would see my av as if she were naked. Dun dun dun. Camel’s back meet the last straw.
I understand that naked men with big erect p*nises can be annoying, especially if they’re having sex in the sandbox with a female wearing a talking bu*t plug/cl*t piercing. But the momentary nudity of a routine clothing change or of a wardrobe malfunction should not be a problem, even on a PG sim. Naked does not mean nasty. Scanning people for violations, however, is pretty creepy. Long story short—once again, I am sandboxless. Anyone know of a place where I won’t be run over by impotent men, shot at by envious women or nip-checked by control freaks?

Credits to creators
[Katsucide] Sandra Cendre Bleue – CL – HB – Light (NEW; at GSP, new location; ty Acide Innovia!)
:::Sn@tch Priestess Tattoo [runes and b*obeyes] (part of Twisted Hunt gift, which also includes two skins)
:::Sn@tch Illyria Eyes (Dilated Grey)::: (part of Twisted Hunt gift)
h.m.a.e.m. – jour de printemps eye makeup and lipstick (NEW; ty Riri Bazar!)
~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Gothic jewellery (cross) (Depraved Nation gacha)
Izzie’s – Glitter Nails (old hunt gift)
mijn.botique / EPOCH / beasty chic 03 / horn head (MESH) (Epoch beast)
Tentacio, Doll Set 1 ring (gacha)
-Glam Affair – Pubic Hair Layer A 1
model’s own, a bubble to cover Pubic Hair Layer A 1
Label Motion, Izzie poses

As usual, the bowdlerized words are there to discourage word-searching porn-lovers, who will only waste valuable time visiting my site.


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