Shop (because it ain’t gonna stop)

You know you’re spending too much time in SL when you can’t figure out whether you saw something on the feeds or only dreamed that you saw it on the feeds. Of course, SL could cool it, could hold off, could hit the pause button until you catch your breath. But no. SL has to keep slinging hunts and special events at us like we’re just so many ducks in a shooting range. Take my advice. Work backwards from closing dates. You have nine days to get to The Gallery Gift Shop if you want to buy MiuMin’s two-way kimono for yourself or a friend. (That’s right: more choices.) The set includes a fan and some sticks for your av’s hair. It can be worn as an ordinary kimono or with a fishtail skirt.

Let’s just breathe deeply until we see whether or not I was dreaming about the adorable animal masks and diamond tiaras.

Credits to creators
\*MiuMIn* 2way KiMoNo-Sakura Beni (at TGGS; ty Miu Minuet!)
Curio, :GP: Shell Frex [Light] Jasmine-Big Red Lantern 1
(epoque hair) London Import II – Black Tones
LaGyo_Lana rose crown blue (former TDR item)
tapoe, Kimono Doll pose pack
The first pic has been through the PIXLR mill. The second pic was GIMPed.

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