Life is better in black and white

The Epoch Legend even is going to end sooner than it should, on March 11. All the goodies are exclusive to this event, never to be sold again after it ends. I went back to Escher world to pick up Willow’s perfect Tessellations dress. A girl could hide an army in its deliciously deep skirt-folds. Or a dozen donuts from the Creator’s Cafe. Suetabulous Yootz, Anya Ohmai and their minions (there must have been minions) have laid out a huge array of baked goods at the landing-point cafe, all of them free for the taking. I bypassed the whole wheat baguette—a travesty in any world—in favor of some hot cross buns, just in time for Easter. I rarely imagine how good something will taste when I’m in rl bakeries. But I was salivating over everything in the Creators Cafe, knowing that I could have whatever I wanted without spending a dime or gaining an ounce. Of course, I will have to avoid real bakeries until the memory fades, in, say, a month’s time. Or I may very well have to test out my new recipe for a brownie bite salad tossed with macarons and drizzled with hot cocoa.

Today is Secret Wednesday sale day. Shhh. Atiya Masala at Addiction is setting out these new resizable Tranquility Necklaces for 49L each. But you didn’t hear it from me.

Come into my parlour.

Credits to creators
Willow~ The Picard Dress – Tessellations (Epoch Legend Escher)
[Atomic] Skin Grace (DB)_Honey – Indulgence (current TDR Blue)
Gato, 70s Lashes
*YS & YS* Freckles3 Add Tatoo Layer SL2
Addiction Tranquility Necklace-Onyx (only 49L for Secret Wednesday sale) (NEW; ty Atiya Masala!)
Addiction Tranquility Necklace-Silver (only 49L for Secret Wednesday sale) (NEW; ty Atiya Masala!)
– Nemesis – Wonder tights white
BAX Booties Appaloosa (former TDR)
Purple Poses, Patrizie (Perfect Wardrobe)

My graphics card didn’t have the balls to add more lines to these pictures.


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