It’s not a catfight, it’s art

It’s International Women’s Day. I just deleted my usual me-blogger blather to share with you these sobering statistics from Amy Dawson at Metro: “We live on a planet in which women perform 66 per cent of the world’s work and produce 50 per cent of its food but earn ten per cent of overall income and own one per cent of property. Women hold only 19 per cent of the world’s parliamentary seats and just 16 of the world’s 188 directly-elected leaders are female. Violence against women causes more deaths and disabilities among the global female population aged 15 to 44 than cancer, malaria, road traffic accidents and war. It is estimated that one in five women worldwide will become a victim of rape or attempted rape and one in four will experience domestic violence.”

Thank you Aliza Karu for your sensational ensemble, U cannot play my music, which has a mesh skirt and is available at the Mix + Mesh event until March 11. Thank you BettiePage Voyager for the gift of the funny-lookin’ kitty, which can be found in one of the books well hidden in Drowsy. I don’t know what possessed me to toss these two delights together, and then set them against a chocolate-and-peach background, but I’m glad I did.

Credits to creators
AD Creations, U cannot play my music (Mix + Mesh Festival item; ty Aliza Karu!)
BP*, Witch’s Cat/rabbit (Book hunt gift No.20)
Olive Juice, Avedon pose pack (not yet available on Marketplace)


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