The good blogger

Women often feel pressure to be the good girl, the good mother, the good wife, the one who colours within the lines so that everyone else is happy. I put this look together because I felt I had to be a good SL fashion blogger, had to meet our standards: new items photographed well on an attractive model who looks happy. (Or should I say looks like a good girl?) Meanwhile, my av was actually stalking the grid in “boyfriend jeans,” Burley’s asymmetric, half-shaved Hans hair, and a freebie t-shirt that turns a famous product logo into “Cock.” I did photo that look, but between the oldness of the items, the dullness of the photo, and the bad attitude of my ugly av, I couldn’t see my way clear to running the image. I even took it out of my Flickr feed because I had a vague memory of some copybotting accusations about the tee.

Don’t take what I’ve written to mean that I don’t like the pieces that go into this ensemble. I think they’re scrummy. (In fact, the combo of lemon, lime, orange and strawberry makes me think of the original flavour LifeSavers.) It’s just that these days, a Cock t-shirt and a dud photo feel like a balm for the weird funk I slid into on International Women’s Day to Witness Stupidly Sexist “Celebrations” of Women.

Credits to creators
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -2012 March Group gift (NEW VIP gg)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Shape9 (comes with Pierrette set at Epoch Legend Clown School, which ends tonight, or can be bought separately)
.: vive nine:. Marley BurnOut Maxi – Mustard (NEW at Collabor88) [MESH ALERT]
ISON – fur vest caramel
ISON – color block prism pump (NEW at Collabor88)
LaGyo_Zarema gloves Brandy
ET~Birds of a Feather Earrings (very old gift)
[e] Fresh – Blonde 07
BP*, Drowsy Bear (old hunt gift, not available)
Just a Pose, from the Your Fine Feathered Friend pack
Purple Poses, from the Patrize pack
location: Drowsy
GIMPage was necessary.


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