Glam granny

There once was a doll called Bonnie Breck, a Clairol tie-in, who wore a dress almost exactly like this. I can’t tell whether I really like this granny look or am just driven by a weird kind of nostalgia for a doll I never admired. Either way, I recommend that you hop down to the Blue and White Day Market, which closes on the 15th, to pick up the Anne dress from Bonne Chance. It’s available in white, cream and pink versions as well as the blue. (You can get a better view of the perfect sash on the Pleisure Flickr.) The Blue and White Day Market is somehow connected with Girls Day in Japan. I was staying in Japantown in Los Angeles just after Girls Day. In honour of my virtual relations with Japanese SLers, I bought a sakura mochi with red bean paste. I kinda liked the pickled leaf contrasting with the sweet mochi, but I kinda wanted to throw up too, so I didn’t finish it. Almost all sweets just make me wish I was eating chocolate instead.

The new Kumi mesh hair by Wasabi Pills comes in two versions: one pops a ponytail out of the side of your av’s head. I stayed with my 70s theme by foregoing the popping tail. I don’t know if it’s me who’s getting older, or my av, or both, but some hairdos are so kiddy-perky that we feel embarrassed about simulating youth. Today Anorak is a full-on sophisticate in LpD’s new Natalia skin, which is available in five makeups (one almost completely bare) and two skin tones, light tan, shown here, and dark tan. This skin offers luscious lips and one of the best eyeliner wings I’ve seen. The face is drawn quite differently from past LpD skins, and it looks much more flattering on all my models, not just on lantern-jawed Anorak.

Credits to creators
I’m sending out a special spring hug to the ladies who send me their wares. You complete me.
/Wasabi Pills/ Kumi Mesh Hair Gingerbread and Ethereal (NEW; ty Miss Lemon!)
*LpD* Skins – *Natalia* Pink Breast 2 (NEW; ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
: ) BCC. anne dress blue (at the Blue and White Day Market, closing on the 15th)
(PRISS) – TsumoRoundSunnies in Pink (NEW; ty Erin Winterwolf!)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Hans Hase – Necklace (March Hare Hunt gif; you are looking for a violet bunny)
*GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -pastel:5-
Poetic Colors, eyes by LL – bali sunset – small
BP*, Witch’s cat/rabbit (current hunt gift at Drowsy)
BP*, Carrying cage (no longer available hunt gift)
!bang, Poses 240–249

Not a GIMP in the world.

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