Spring’s so simple

Portia braves urban blight and keeps things simple for spring in an ensemble comprising old and new pieces from Priss, an oversize cardigan from Pivaaca, and a pair of soft suede boots from G Field.

Portia’s delicately peachy mesh boots are a 200L donation item at Fashion For Life. There’s a simple HUD offering four choices for the cuff texture. The pack includes XS/S, M, and L sizes. (An XXS would not be unwelcome.) An equally alluring light brown pair is also available as a donation item. I deeply appreciate G Field, which offers impeccable footwear at an orga*mically reasonable price.

Knock yourself out in the new lip-striped group gift skin from JesyLilo.

Credits to creators
*GF*[Mesh] Long Cuff Boots “Will” -peach-[XS-S] (Fashion For Life donation item)
*JeSyLiLO*:::GroupGiftSkin:::*Spring (gg skin; ty Lilo G.!)
(PRISS) – Lee Skirt in Green <S> [MESH ALERT] (NEW; ty Erin W.!)
(PRISS) – Flowered Tank in Brown [nb: the flowers come with the tank not with the blue sweater] (ty Erin W.!)
pivaaca, Basic Cardigan *Cotton DarkBlue*
**Cute Bytes** Elmo Puppet (Sesame Street Hunt gift; look for a rubber duckie)
booN FNQ123 hair chocolate

location: Virtual Decay (ty Leona for giving it up)

GIMPed, PIXLRed and grossly falsified (Portia wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a sock puppet)


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