Warrisome (NSFWusses)

These are hunting times. You’ll find elements from Loica’s ensemble in the Twisted and Beauty and the Freak Hunts. If you RP and want to armour and sex up your stomach, you should get thee hence. To Ingenue, I mean. Where you will find that the fat pack of her Traveler belts is freakishly affordable. The belt can be worn with or without an alpha, and it’s not mesh, so even people stuck in olde viewers can wear one. The belt can also be resized and repositioned via menu.

On a couple of occasions, I’ve set out to make sexy pics and it didn’t work. What does work is establishing a photo set-up that I like, shooting an outfit quickly enough that I don’t lose interest in the set-up, and realizing that if I want to keep shooting I need to take off the outfit. And not replace it with another one.

Credits to creators
+Blue Blood+ Nevermore (Twisted Hunt gift)
Torvis Gorean Weapons, Vendetta Girl Belt and Cloak (Beauty and the Freak Hunt)
Ingenue, Traveler Belt Marine
-Glam Affair – Amelie skin – Black Soul D HB
The Little Bat – Arcane Eyes (Teal) and Twisted Ears(Twisted Hunt prize, comes with a drow skin with runesy tattoo)
bonne chance! vitamin W.wing Tatoo (free or cheap…idk)
*DD* Sonata Dark Boots Black (in the longshot)
!bang, Poses 230-239


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